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Founded in 1990, Genesys is focused on providing all-in-one cloud-based contact center solutions for remote contact centers. Genesys is the leading provider of customer experience, supporting customers to maximize their brand value with a portfolio that covers both online and offline customer contacts.

In particular, Genesys Cloud CX, which was introduced in 2015, has been steadily increasing its subscriber, while adding incorporating AI and other advanced technologies on its basis. Genesys Cloud CX can be deployed quickly with its simple structure and beneficial support from an experienced team.

KEY FEATURES Here are two key features of Genesys Cloud CX:.

01. All-in-One CX Platforms
Genesys Cloud CX has all you need for UC/CC such as Routing, Reporting, Omni-Channel Call Recording, and Screen Sharing.
All-in-One CX Platforms
02.Strategic Innovation CX Platforms
Genesys Cloud CX delivers one-stop a variety of functions required CX and releases these latest CX features weekly.
Strategic Innovation CX Platforms

MAIN FUNCTION Learn about the main functions of Genesys Cloud CX.

Genesys Cloud CX offers a variety of essential features for contact centers.

  • Sharing the same web screen
  • Typing assist
  • Various functions associated with digital channels
  • The Customer Journey Analysis on the customer's website
  • Offering the best response based on analysis
  • Questionnaire to get Net Promoter Score
  • Quality management of operator’s response
  • Call volume prediction using AI
  • Workforce Engagement Capabilities
  1. Voice/digital channels(LINE, Facebook, Twitter,etc)
  2. Screen sharing and・typing assist
  3. Customer Journey Analysis
  4. Call recording and screen recording
  5. Quality Management of・Customer Service
  6. Customer survey
  7. CRM Integration
  8. Security
  9. Self-service
  10. Report
  11. Call volume prediction,Operator schedule management
  12. Application Ecosystem

The key features lead to improve CX.

CX Improvements – Dialogue Support

A single tool covers all communications such as omni-channel support, outbound support, and historical management. It also includes a talk script function and a simple FAQ function to make customer service flexible.

Dialogue Support

CX Improvements – In-Center Communication

Genesys Cloud CX has a chat function to communicate in-center. It can be used for group chat, support communication between SV and agents, and announcement from SV to agents.

In-Center Communication

The features improving EX.

Realtime monitoring

Standard dashboard function for managing whole contact center performance. The response rate of the entire operator, the number of the call waiting, the maximum waiting time, etc. can be managed from a glance.

Realtime monitoring

Historical reporting

Performance of each job/agent can be immediately output on the screen. The reporting period can be switched immediately to improve the efficiency of analysis operations. The reports can be exported as CSV files and used on company’s own report formats.